I was interviewed by the redoubtable Matt Haber for Travel + Leisure, and among the questions I answered was one about where to holiday beer-tasting-wise in the U.S.:

If someone wanted to plan a vacation entirely around tasting craft beers, where would you recommend they go?
Wonderful idea! I would recommend three locales. The first would be the San Francisco Bay Area, because of the aforementioned history and the decent public transit within the metro region. The second would be Asheville, N.C., which has been called “San Francisco East,” in no small part due to the explosive growth in craft breweries—and many of these craft breweries are plucky startups that adore visitors. (I should note: most every craft brewery has samples for guests and they’re usually free.) The final one would be Vermont. There are 27 craft breweries in the state of barely 600,000 souls—small area, beautiful environment, lots of choices.

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