Eitan Kensky proposes a most intriguing way to read The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution in a review of my book for BeerGraphs:

The best way to read The Audacity of Hops and to get the most out of the book is to read it slowly and to pair its chapters and sub-chapters with beer. Drink your history. Find a beer that Acitelli describes or discusses and drink it while you read the relevant pages.

Love it. For instance:

3. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Pale Ale (5.06) and everything in the book about Jack McAuliffe. Jack McAuliffe’s New Albion Brewing Company was the first microbrewery. He renovated an old warehouse in Sonoma and scrounged for equipment. He worked long hours and never made enough to pay himself a living wage. But people used to make pilgrimages to try the beer, and he inspired many of the most important brewers, including Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman. Depending on what part of his life story you want to emphasize, McAuliffe is either the Alice Waters of craft brewing or its J.D. Salinger.

Of course, as Kensky himself notes, the beer-word pairings could get boringly nicheand too many pairings would, I should think, render the whole exercise impossible. Still. Neat.
· Drink Your History [BeerGraphs]