Why? Because here’s what Boston Beer Co. co-founder Jim Koch told Philly.com recently: “When I started Sam Adams, we were the only craft brewery in the Northeast.” So, here, in no particular order are five craft breweries in the Northeastern United States in operation before Koch opened his R-and-D brewery in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood in early 1989.

1. D.L. Geary

2. Mass. Bay Brewing Co. (makers of Harpoon)

3. Brooklyn Brewery

4. Catamount Brewing Co.

5. Old New York Brewing Co. (makers of New Amsterdam)

Other craft breweries had come and gone by 1989 as well, including Albany’s Wm. S. Newman Brewing Co., whose beers hit shelves in 1982 and which Koch himself visited when he was mulling Boston Beer. For that matter, he also visited the New Amsterdam brewpub on Manhattan’s West Side.
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