I got an interesting question recently from Dan Varricchio at American Craft Beer:

What beers would you choose for your dream 6-pack?

Here was my answer:

I would drink the history of American craft beer. I would start with Anchor Steam Beer. I would then go with Boston Beer Company’s first edition, Sam Adams Boston Lager. My next pick would be New Albion Ale. My fourth beer would be Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. My next beer would be Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Lagunitas IPA. My sixth and final beer would have to be a beer from one of the first brewpubs in the United States… either Buffalo Bill’s, the Mendocino Brewing Company, or the Yakima Brewing & Malting Co.

Obviously, a six-pack wouldn’t do justice to the history of American craft beer (and it looks like I basically stopped somewhere in the mid-1990s with Lagunitas’ flagship). But Dan raises a fun question: What would be your dream six-pack? Would there be a theme?
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