pliny-the-younger-600The question was in what year did Pliny the Younger first sell out in under a day? It was asked because Russian River‘s similarly cultish Pliny the Elder has just been named by American Homebrewers Association members as the No. 1 commercial beer in the nation.

It was the first Friday in February 2010, and Russian River’s entire annual supply of Pliny the Younger went fast: 20 barrels in eight hours. In previous Februaries, it had taken at least two months to run dry. 2010 was different in that the buzz about the beer had started early and had reached a kind of fever pitch by the time Russian River principal Vinnie Cilurzo opened for business that day on Fourth Street in Santa Rosa, Calif. Pliny the Younger, for instance, had scored a perfect 100 on both BeerAdvocate and RateBeer; and had only five days before the first-Friday run won the People’s Choice Award at the 10th annual Double IPA Festival at the Bistro in nearby Hayward.

Russian River also allowed half-gallon growlers in 2010, retailing them for $37. For 2011, Cilurzo banned growlers; the supply of Pliny the Younger outlasted the sunset.
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